The 4th International Seminar and Colloquium on the Teachers Professional Development in South East Asia deals with the meeting of the experts from various Universities in Southeast  Asia. This is in cooperation between Faculty of Teacher Training and Education University of Muhammadiyah  Malang, Musa Asiah Foundation of Cambodia, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris Malaysia, Private Islamic Association of Yala Thailand, and University of Technology Malaysia, University of Hohai China, University of New England Australia, and University of South Australia.

      The 4th International Seminar and Colloquium aims at strengthening the professionalism of teachers through an interdisciplinary approach.  Southeast Asia's rise in delivering progress in education, culture, and knowledge has a strategic role, especially in facing the global challenges. Education enters a new century which requires critical thinking to build a prosperous society, free from social problems. To achieve the 2015 MDGs in education, the teachers’ professional development is urgent to strengthen the education in responding the global issues throughout Southeast Asia. To achieve the progress in education, sharing experience about education in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, China, and Australia is very important.